Exactly how many people file for bankruptcy anyway? 

The Fort Myers division of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida comprises Lee County, Collier County, Hendry County, Glades County, Charlotte County, and DeSoto County.

In 2012, a total of 4,210 people filed bankruptcy in the Fort Myers division of the Middle District of Florida.  In 2011, a total of 5,538 people filed for bankruptcy protection.

The Middle District of Florida consists of the Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and Fort Myers divisions.  For all four districts, a total of 45,970 people filed for bankruptcy protection in
2012.  Of this total, 33,553 individuals and businesses filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy, 11,908 filed for chapter 13 bankruptcy, 14 people filed for chapter 12 bankruptcy, and 495 filed for chapter 11

Click here if you would like to read a detailed report of bankruptcy statistics filed in the Middle District of Florida.

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